"Good Evening Gary,

My wife and I would like to take the opportunity to thank Marie Hanekom for her utmost professionalism conducted throughout the sale of our goods.  She worked tirelessly and truly is a rare find.  

We will most definitely recommend SellnBuy SA to anyone wishing to sell household contents.

Well done to you and your team!

Best regards,



"Dear Gary

What an exceptional lady you have in Cecilia. She spent a long time with me and is so thorough.

I am so delighted to do business with your caliber of people.

Thank You.



"Thank you for the great service that you provided me from the start.

Using SellnBuySa.co.za took a lot of my headaches and stress away.

Cindy & Gary have been extremely friendly and polite through out the whole procedure

and I would recommend their service to anyone who wants a hassle free sale of their belongings

The payment was done straight after the sale with out the slightest hiccup.

It’s been an absolute pleasure from the word go !

All the best to you, may your business prosper and grow beyond your wildest dreams !



"When my family and I decided to emigrate I know one of the things I had to do was sell my household contents.

After receiving little or no service from other organizations that I found on the net, I tried SellnBuy SA.

I was pleasantly surprised.

They provided a truly professional, transparent and easy to use service.

They sold everything and handled all the questions fuss and queries.

Everything was sold in one afternoon !

Don’t use anyone else !

I highly recommend SellnBuy SA




"I really have to say that you guys are awesome !

The effort that you put in is incredible !

Thank You 


"Your service was a breath of fresh air in the second hand goods market, one which I would definitely recommend to prospective sellers.

Kind Regards, Caroline
"When my Family and I decided to emigrate I knew I had to sell my household contents. After receiving little or no service from the organisations I found on the Net I tried SellBuy SA. I was pleasantly surprised – They provided a truly professional transparent easy to use service. They handled all the questions, fuss and enquiries. Everything disappeared in one afternoon. Don’t use anyone else ! I highly recommend SellnBuy SA!

Regards, Gill"
"I really have to say that you guys are awesome ! The effort that you put in is unbelievable !

Regards, Skye

"I would like to thank Cindy & Gary from SellnBuy for everything they have done to help with the selling of all my household items.
They have gone above and beyond to help with the whole process and ensure that I get the best possible value. I an very grateful for everything they have done to help and I would definitely recommend using SellnBuy. They are wonderful people and doing this takes the strain away from selling of your items. They keep everything under control and go out of their way to make it as easy and stress free as possible. I would never have been able to do this without them and I would like to thank them for the wonderful service always with a smile !

"Even items I wanted to throw away got sold for me ! SellnBuy was unbelievable with their service. If you want your household items sold look no further than SellnBuy !

Regards, Gill
"Hi Gary & Cindy,

I've been very happy with the service you have provided so far
Thanks again to you, Cindy and to Angela for her hard work.

"Hi Gary & Cindy,

Thank you so much for the stellar service in facilitating the sale of my lounge suite. I was very skeptical at first but your service is fantastic.
I will continue doing business with you.

"Hi Gary & Cindy,

Thanks very much for the help in selling our furniture, I thought the process went very well.

"Hi Gary & Cindy,

I can say that you and Cindy have handled this rather daunting sale which has had its fair share of ups and down, however you have both acted in a professional and very calm manner. For this I applaud you BOTH.

"Hi Gary & Cindy,

I wish to thank you for the professional, calm and well organised manner in which you conduct your business. Even when faced with an unexpected and potentially volatile situation, you and Cindy maintained the utmost professionalism and were able to successfully conduct the sale of the lot. Such level of customer service is what one can only dream of. I can recommend the services of SellnBuy to anyone with the utmost confidence.

"Hi Gary & Cindy,

We are very happy with the service... it really works well and I am sure you wil get call from friends of ours who would really like to use your services.

"Gary & Cindy

I would like to thank you both for the professional way in which you handled our sale during our difficult time in downsizing.

For all the effort that you put in I truly believe that you should be taking a higher % of sales.

Keep well & I wish you both every success in the future.

Warm Regards , Louise
"Dear Gary & Cindy,

I was a bit skeptical initially when I was introduced to Sell'nBuy but all that disappeared after my first meeting with Gary and Cindy. As a professional, I always look out for qualities like professionalism and service excellence from service providers. I was so impressed on how Gary and Cindy handled our first meeting. They are true professionals in this business.

I would definitely recommend Sell'nBuy to everyone including my family and friends. Selling household stuff when you are in the process of moving on can be highly stressful. I transitioned very well when I was moving on because I didn't have to worry about how I was going to sell all the household stuff that I owned. Trust me, it's worth it to hire Gary and Cindy to do all that stuff for you so that you can focus your energy on other things.

Gary and Cindy were always punctual, actually they mostly arrived 15-30 minutes earlier to the appointment times we set.

In terms of how you can improve your service, I would recommend that you should maybe consider advertising yourselves more and make your business more visible. I think there are still a lot of people out there who don't know about your services and would like to have that peace of mind by having true professionals like you help them to move on smoothly.

I also know that Sell'nBuy prices are fair as compared to other companies that offer the same services as they do. The percentage that Sell'nBuy charge clients is very reasonable. What I also liked most Gary and Cindy is that, they were able to listen to me when coming to how I wanted certain items to be priced. They always advice on how things should be priced as experts in their industry but also have the ability to listen to the client's voice when coming to how certain items should be priced.

Thank you for your wonderful service and I will continue to recommend you to other people who might need your service in future.

Kind regards,


"Gary & Cindy organised a sale at our home this weekend. I was really impressed: Gary was professional, punctual and more than willing to help. Can highly recommend Gary& Cindy's services and certainly will. Well done Gary & Cindy - much appreciated.


"Mike & Edie Davis, Edenglen, Edenvale,

Dear Cindy & Gary, We could not have done this without you. Thanks you very much for your valuable service.

Kind Regards,

Edie, Scotland

"Thank you Gary and Cindy!

Well done to you both and thank you once again. You both took a hellavuh load off my shoulders.

Take care!


PS - you will definitely receive referrals from me.

"Hi Gary and Cindy

I just want to say thank you for assisting me to sell off loads of unwanted stuff that my wife and I had collected over the past 26 years. After hearing about you guys last year I decided to give you a call and was blown away by the level of professionalism that you both showed. The thought of trying to sell off a large number of items on my own was rather daunting but I was made to feel completely at ease from your first visit to the final sale a few weeks later. The calm manner in which you dealt with the entire sale process (my participation was minimal) was a pleasure to behold not to mention the rather handsome payment that I received for items that under normal circumstances I may well have thrown away. Great service is rare these days.

Thank you Gary and Cindy for providing such service!!

Kind regards

Tony Waters

Hi ,

It was Doug & Joyce who told us of your service. As a result we asked Gary & Cindy to handle our sales for us here in Johannesburg. They managed to get so many people into the sales that we all had to muck in to sort out the “lookers” from the “buyers”. It was then that we heard Gary and Cindy selling so well the benefits of what our possessions had to offer. They are professional, honest and nice people to deal with.

They work very hard for their commission. We would recommend them without reservation. It’s only now that we see their biggest problem. We all think our possessions are worth more than one can possibly get in a “house” sale environment – although even then Gary & Cindy managed to get our full asking prices on a significant proportion of our goods.

You have a worthwhile business, very well represented in Johannesburg. Congratulations!

Barbara & Eric Nash,   Sundowner,   Johannesburg.

Hi Gary

Thanks so much to you and Cindy for taking such a load off my shoulders. Your efficiency and professionalism was greatly appreciated. I was truly astounded by the speed at which everything was sold."

Regards, Sonja

I was initially quite skeptical about using the services of SellnBuy as I didn’t know anything about the company, and had only picked up the name on the internet.

After meeting with Gary and Cindy, I was extremely impressed with the professionalism in which they assessed the prices - ensuring fairness to both buyer and seller, the ongoing communication, the clear and detailed explanations as to how the process would work, and the overall customer service.

On the actual day of the sale, they arrived punctually, ensured that all the prices and signs were placed, and were able to sell all the goods, making our move a whole lot easier.

I would certainly be very comfortable to recommend using SellnBuy.

Regards, Craig



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